Our Team

The Morton Academy is run by a very small crew of amazing people handpicked by Miss Teagan to support her in creating the dream dance school. So in this sense we are not like most dance schools, in the grand scheme of things we are still a very small (and I will still run with it, NEW) school. We pride ourselves on giving our students and their parents the best experience possible, we aim to be available to you and assist you in creating your child's dance dreams no matter how big or small.

Teagan Morton (Miss Teagan)

Jazz | Ballet | Tap | Acrobatics | Contemporary

With a passion for Business and Creative Edge inspired by Dance, The Morton Academy has been founded by Teagan Morton herself. Celebrating over 27 years of dancing, 16 years of those teaching, our Principal brings a high energy to the Academy that Motivates, Inspires and will lead the students to outstanding success and results above and beyond expectation. Teagan has completed a Diploma in Business and has successfully passed her Teachers Members Diploma in Jazz, Tap and Ballet under the Society of Education of Dance and Theatre Arts. Affiliate Teacher A.T.O.D (Affil A.T.O.D)

Miss Teagan is the dancer, the motivator, the inspiration, the accounts department, the administration, the one who answers every call, email and text. The choreographer, the planner, the event coordinator, the costume designers, purchasers and allocator. Miss Teagan is the Morton Academy and although she has proved to be Superwoman (who also isn't so great at spelling sometimes) is that person that is the driving force at providing your children with a nurturing place, to grow, learn and build incredible friendships. Her passion and love for dance is impossible to miss as soon as you meet her and just wait until you see her on stage. WOW!

E | teagan@mortonacademy.com.au

M | 0403 608 006

Jenny Morton (Mrs Morton)

The Ultimate DANCE Mum to Miss Teagan

Mrs. Morton is like the glue that keeps everything and everyone together. As your child grows you will understand the crucial part you play in their life in general but the life of a dance parent is so much more rewarding. You are able to witness your child grow, build a love and passion for something that helps build their confidence and self esteem. We encourage all mums and dads to be involved as much as possible in their child's dance dreams as Mrs. Morton has been able to experience this herself firsthand. The years of commitment and dedication and how incredible the payoff really is watching your child shine on stage and truly find happens in a career inspiring young lives.

Teachers Assistant by day she is a Dance Mum (and grand mummy) every other minute of the week. Mrs. Morton's love for children is very evident from the moment you meet her. She has already created such a special bond with our students and continues to as they grow. Always welcoming with a beautiful smile from time to time you will see Mrs Morton throughout the studio lending a helping hand with the simple things that make the world of difference to our teachers