Our Team

The Morton Academy is run by a very small crew of amazing people handpicked by Miss Teagan to support her in creating the dream dance school. So in this sense we are not like most dance schools, in the grand scheme of things we are still a very small (and I will still run with it, NEW) school. We pride ourselves on giving our students and their parents the best experience possible, we aim to be available to you and assist you in creating your child's dance dreams no matter how big or small.

Teagan Morton - Studio Director 



Alicia Booth - Daycare Dance 



Kate Hartigan - Administration 

E | dance@mortonacademy.com.au

M | 0413 251 535


Julia Dillon - Contemporary & Musical Theatre 

Kimberley Meertens - Ballet & Tap

Renee Donoghue - Jazz, Ballet, Tap & Acrobatics 

Angel Falconer Teachers Assistant

Emily Schmidt - Teachers Assistant 

Summer Halvey - Teachers Assistant in Training 

Gypsy Falconer - Teachers Assistant in Training