Academy uniforms





In 2018 the official Academy Uniform was introduced, it is now compulsory that all students have these items for class and all public performances. All uniform purchases to be done via the Academy Website

Please note that we do our best to stock all items in all sizes. If your order is not available in stock it could take up to 6 weeks to fill, due to supplier manufacturing and delivery.


 Academy Leotard (Child / Adult)
      Black / Blue
      $45.00 / $55.00
 Academy Hotpants (Child / Adult)
      Black / Blue
      $40.00 / $45.00
 Academy Racerback Singlet (Child / Adult)
      $35.00 / $40.00
 Academy Wrap Skirt (Child / Adult)
      Black       $17.00
 Academy Tank (Child / Adult)
      Black       $25.00 / $30.00
 Academy Tee (Child / Adult)
      Black       $25.00 / $30.00
 Academy Jacket (Child / Adult)
Academy Hoodie - Coming July 18 (Child / Adult) Black / Blue $90.00
 Academy Dance Bag
      Black / Blue
 Academy Hat (2017)
      Black       $20.00
 Academy Hat (2018)
 Academy Waterbottle
      Black / Blue
 Academy Tote Bag
      Calico       $10.00

To ensure the students presentation is of standard in every class the following uniform expectations are compulsory at the Morton Academy. The following items can be purchased from PW Dancewear in WacolOur preferred supplier of Basic Items, Tights and Shoes.

Basic Black items of the above are approved for class wear however the Academy uniform must be worn at all public performances and events.


DESCRIPTION.         PRODUCT.              COLOUR.         KIDS PRICE.         ADULT PRICE.         SUITABLE FOR.                                  
Ballet ShoeFlats Split SolePink$ 35.99$ 39.99Ballet
TightsConvertibleFlesh$ 12.99$ 13.99Ballet
TightsConvertible Tan$ 12.99$ 13.99Jazz, Tap, Acro & Contemporary
Jazz ShoeNeo BootieBlack$ 49.99$ 55.99Jazz
Tap ShoeOscar TapBlack$ 58.99$ 63.99Tap


All students should arrive dressed and ready 10 minutes prior to their class commencing in the following.


Hair must be neat, tidy and out of the face (no fringes or loose strands) Ballet Bun, Pony Tail or Braids with Academy Blue Bows.

These can be purchased at reception via MooBoo Bowtiful Creations or by contacting Michael & Bekk 0430 680 585 (You can also find them on Facebook

Academy Leotard
Black Ballet Skirt
Convertible Seamless Pink Ballet Tights
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes (Split Soles) with Elastics


Academy Leotard
Academy Shorts
Convertible Tan Tights
Black slip on Jazz Shoes (Split Sole) / Black ankle socks
Black Mary Jane Tap Shoes


Academy Leotard
Academy Shorts
Convertible Flesh Tights
Bare Feet
**It is important that NO loose clothing is worn during any Acrobatics classes


Academy Leotard
Academy Shorts
Convertible Tan Tights
Convertible Flesh Tights
Knee Pads if desired
Bare Feet or Foot Wrap / Thong / Glove (available for purchase from PW Dancewear)


Academy T-Shirt / Tank / Singlet
Black Academy Shorts / Pants, Tights or Bike Shorts
White Trainers / White Socks
**We have a more relaxed uniform for Commercial Classes**