About Us


The Morton Academy is a dance school that inspires, motivates and educates young children through to adults in the Greater Springfield Community.

Since opening for operation in February of 2015 the Morton Academy influence has proven to be a positive, safe and nurturing environment introducing its students to the creative arts.

The goal is to continue establishing a creative hub where students can learn the discipline of Ballet, develop confidence and self esteem through Jazz and Tap, and explore the exciting and unique cultures of Modern Contemporary, Lyrical and Commercial Street Dance.

From a child's first steps all the way to the stage, the teachers of the Morton Academy share in the journey that creates a passion and lifelong love of dance.

At the Morton Academy we inspire and motivate young dancers.

Fusing together fun and superior education our dance classes are designed to learn the discipline of Ballet, develop confidence and self esteem through Jazz and Tap, and explore the exciting and unique cultures of Modern Contemporary and Commercial Street dance.

Building our dance community since February of 2015 the Morton Academy has proven to be an innovative leader of the creative arts influencing the future game chargers and trend setting performers of Greater Springfield.

Providing a fresh approach to a dance school our students are encouraged to chase their dreams, creating important and meaningful friendships, guiding them to achieve their best and be their best.

It is the Academy difference with this sense of belonging, encouragement, and the ability to equip our students with the lifelong lessons and skills that sets us ahead and above our competitors as a trend setter not only in the Dance industry but an inspirational leader at the forefront of building the lives of those who will be the future of Greater Springfield.

Within the first year as a business the Morton Academy experiences tremendous growth and continues to maintain momentum working towards becoming a permanent recognised brand across many areas. The Academy is a combination of highly trained, passionate and creative professionals that offers a premium service to all of its students and community alike.

Our vision to be to share in the journey of a little Ballerina exploring their sense of imagination, teaching them the very basics of dance and experiencing the joy of creative movement, from their first steps into the classroom to performing on stage. Classes are offered to children as young as 2 years old.

The Morton Academy is proudly associated with the Nationally Accredited Dance Syllabus 'Australian Teachers of Dancing Pty Ltd' www.atod.net.au and all teachers are accredited with Blue Cards.

Whether you are BRAND NEW to the Academy or a returning Dance Family member this is the perfect time to check out everything there is to know about the year ahead.

The Morton Academy is 3 years young but don’t underestimate what we have been able to achieve in such a short time and 2018 is going to be no exception.